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Finally someone I can talk to about skin care that truly understands.  Kim at Skin Solution took the time to talk to me about my skin and what I needed to do.  I never felt that I was talking to a sales person.  She never pushed any  products on me.  She talked about how we can fix my problem with my acne and my pigmentation.  I am so glad I found her.

Kim I.

Kim at Skin Solution been managing my eyebrows for about the past 4 years (I admit, I've strayed in a pinch, but always go back!). I'm horrible about scheduling in advance, but somehow she always has time.Service is QUICK, THOROUGH (she trims the longer hairs) and CONSISTENT!

Irene F.

I definitely recommend Kim.  I have been getting my eye brows waxed and colored as well as an eyelash curl every once in a while for about 10 years with Kim.  So far she is my favorite.  Reasonably priced, easy to get an appointment, always pleasant and friendly.  Parking has always been very easy at that location for me as well.  I also like that she does not push any products.  She might offer them but I never feel pressured to buy anything.

Sandra S.


I just had the most relaxing experience of my life. Kim of Skin Solution is a wonderful Skin Specialist. The Facials I get every month are invigorating and cleansing. The 15 minute facial/scalp massage she does weekly are  amazing. When I have a stressful day, like today, I walk away a new man, stress gone. I feel so happy and relaxed I can take on any challenge. Her Assistant Sheryl always gives me a reminder call the day before . As a Physician my patients come first and I at times forget to mark Kim on my calendar. Not to worry! Sheryl is on the phone the day before reminding me in a pleasant, cheerful voice.
WHAT A GREAT EXPERIENCE. How lucky I am to be able to have  a weekly facial/scalp massage with Kim of Skin Solutions.

Dr. D

I have been visiting Kim at Skin Solution for years now for my beauty care, from waxing to eyebrow tinting. I even took my daughter there as she developed teen skin. Kim is very professional, great with advice and expertise, and has a soothing touch. Over the years we have dropped in unannounced, begged her to stay open to treat my daughter after school, and had to cancel appointments at the last minute. Kim has accommodated all our vagaries with a great attitude.  I have never stepped in another beauty salon after I found Kim 12 year ago.  Kim is especially wonderful with kids of all ages, whether they are just accompanying the mother or getting some work done.

Susie J.

I have been going to Kim for years and she is fabulous.  I think the biggest testament to her work is how surprised people are when they realize my age.  When my sister (she is 10 years younger than I am)  and I are out together and people ask who is older!  (She doesn't like this at all.)  
I can't say enough great things about her work or about her as a person.

Jennifer V.

I have very sensitive skin and Kim's facials at Skin Solution are awesome!  I never request a specific type of facial, I just let Kim decide what would be best and I'm never disappointed.  I have sent several friends and co-workers to Kim and I always get rave reviews from them, too.

--Rachel C.


My son has terrible acne and I have tried just about everything.  My hair dresser recommended Kim at skin solution but I was extremely cautious about going since I have tried so many places that claimed they could help him. Kim was the only one that took the time to explain everything in great detail to me and my son.  My schedule is all over the board so it was hard for me to make an appointment for him but she accommodated us.  Kim put my son on a facial regime and told us what to stay away from food-wise, and after 4 treatments his skin has never looked better.



I recently was searching for someone to help me with my pigmentation on my face.  Kim was so knowledgeable about my skin care problem and was very helpful in telling what I needed to help it.  I never felt she was a pushy salesperson.  She told me what to do and left the decision to me.  I have been to so many salons, and all they every did was give me a facial and wanted me to buy lots of products.  I never felt that way with Kim.  I look forward to more treatments with her.

 --Natolie E.



What can I say about Skin Solution?  Kim is wonderful! She has been taking care of me for over 20 years.  I started as a young women and now--- well, let’s say I have matured.  Kim never pushed any products on me.  She has guided me all through the years with laughter, great treatments and just being kind.  I have never felt rushed or unwanted. I so enjoy when I get to see her.  I trust everything she says to me because she care so much about what she does.  When she doesn't have an answer she finds out and calls you.  She is extremely knowledgeable with products and treatment.

--Diane R.



I was looking for someone to wax my bikini area for me, and my friend told me that you have to try Kim at Skin Solution. She is the fastest waxer in town….Kim was professional and quick. 

--Victoria S.



My teenager has terrible acne and I didn't know what to do.  I have been going to Kim for several years, and she has been guiding me on what to do through my appointments but she really wanted to see my daughter in person.  I just couldn't afford to spend any more money on her face because I felt I had tried everything from the drug stores but nothing was working.  Kim took the time and explained why things weren’t working, and I finally decided to go see her for my daughter.  It was the best thing I ever did for my daughter, not only did she like Kim’s  personality, but she listened to and did everything she suggested and now my daughter’s skin has never looked better!  She changed my daughter from wearing a ton of makeup to hide everything to revealing a new person. 

I am forever grateful to her for going above and beyond with a healthy diet for my teenager and a simple skincare system.

 --Alicia T.





I am 36 and I have adult acne and sun damage. I really didn't know what to do.  I tried a lot of different products on the market, and my friend told me to go see Kim at Skin Solution.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I thought she was going to tell me I needed to buy hundreds of dollars of products and services to get my face back to where it is supposed to be, but she consulted me, and asked what do you want from this session?  There was no pressure at all.  I had a facial and loved it. 

She advised me what I can do for my skin but she talked more about what I should be eating than buy this.  I did buy products, but she never made me feel that I had to or my face would fall off.  She was extremely professional and funny-- someone that I could talk to like a friend.  Since then my acne is gone I get a ton of compliments on my skin and I feel so much better about myself. 

--Colleen R.



I just recently got a facial from Kim at Skin Solution, and I really didn't know what to expect from the treatment.  When I left I felt 10 years younger, and I am 60.  Kim was so knowledgeable about her treatment and what I needed to achieve to get healthier skin. Kim explained that good skin needs a healthy diet and good skincare products.  I am definitely going back...

 --Sue B


Kim was great. I just got my brows done by someone else because she wasn't there, boy was that a mistake.  I love how Kim does my brow waxing. I will never shy away again.  I am waiting until she has an opening. 

 --Sheryl W.




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