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Special Treatments - Services

Skin Brightening Treatment - $95 (60 minutes)

Excellent for brown patches caused from too much sun exposure. Treated with a special blend of natural lighteners to actively brighten pigmented skin. Read More...

Vitamin Infusion Facial - $85 (45 minutes)

High concentration of Vitamins A, C, and D. This treatment returns luster to the skin, keeping it healthy and renewed. Excellent for premature aging. Read More...

Dermal Flash Peel - $110 (90 minutes)

Thorough cleansing followed by a deep exfoliating peel. Firm and lift mask is applied. As it dries, enzymes, proteins and plant collagen penetrate the skin. Finally, a cellular recovery serum is applied. Includes hand exfoliation. Read More...

Gingerbread Exfoliating Facial

Using over 25 different combinations of products for all skin types, enjoy a facial designed just for you. Never will you be bored with your facial again. Read More...

Teen Control Treatment - $55 (45 minutes)

Designed for each individual. Excellent in calming, hydrating, removing clogged pores, eliminating acne lesions and reducing hyper-pigmentation. Read More...

Collagen Facial - $85 (45 minutes)

Ideal for all skin types. Helps to hydrate, calm and rejuvenate skin. A glycolic peel exfoliates signs of aging and the collagen softens. Read More...

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